Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems

21-23 November, 2019

(Conference Hall, 204, 2nd Floor, Hoa Sen university, Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam)


[Long]: Long presentation (20 min. of presentation, followed by 5 min. of discussion)

Regular presentation (15 min. of presentation, followed by 5 min. of discussion)


First Day (21-NOV)

 8:45 -

On site reception (through the conference)


Opening Ceremony


Keynote Speech 1  Chair: Vu Tuong Thuy

Human Resource in Digital Transformation

Prof. Dr. Ho Tu Bao




Keynote Speech 2  Chair: Susumu Kunifuji

Augmented classrooms and creative thinking workspaces: Introducing digital pens for realizing instant communication and collaborations

Prof. Dr. Motoki Miura


Coffee Break


Session 1   Chair: Rihyei Kang

1. [Long] #127 Toward Interactive People Analytics: A New Approach to Leverage Organizational Engagement (Toshihiko Yamakami)

2. [Long] #128 Identifying the Characteristics of Startup Cluster in Small Areas
(Hiroyasu Kawasakiya, Rihyei Kang)

3. #124 An Exploratory Study of CIO Model Construction — Applying findings from previous studies of CIO, CEO and CFO — (Toshimitsu Abe, Rihyei Kang)

4. #126 Effectiveness of Teaching Basic Management Skills to Science Students using Analogue Business Games (Kaneko Tomomi, Yuko Suto, Ryoju Hamada, Ryoichi Nagatomi, Yosuke Hara, Yoshiaki Ikenoue)


Short Break


Session 2  Chair: Tessai Hayama

1. [Long] #110 Design of Affective Experiences Using Interactive Media in the Context of Urban Traffic (Xiaoxiao Liu, Eunyoung Kim, Yukari Nagai)

2. [Long] #117 Segment Markers: Improvement of Random Dot Marker to Extend Recognition Distance (Manabu Ito, Motoki Miura)

3. #118 Extracting Stay Regions from Indoor Geospatial Trajectory Using Time-based Clustering (Tessai Hayama, Hiroki Takahashi, Kazuya Nagatomo)

4. #131 Human extraction and scene transition utilizing Mask R-CNN
(Asati Minkesh, Kraisittipong Worranitta, Miyachi Taizo)

5. #130 Application of Software of Document and Record Management in Ho Chi Minh City – Initial Achivements in Building E-Government (Nguyen Pham Ngoc Han)



Second Day (22-NOV)


Session 3  Chair: Nguyen Trung Lap

1. [Long] #129 Inventory Management of Dual-Channel Distribution for Online Retailers
(Ly Diep Thi Thao, Rujira Chaysiri)

2. [Long] #135 Revitalizing Multiple Intelligences and Fostering Creativity through Art Thinking Workshop (Minatsu Ariga, Akio Shimogoori, Susumu Kunifuji, Yukari Nagai)

3. #138 A study on standardization that is the open strategy of the intellectual property about IoT-related technologies: A case study on innovations about IoT-related technologies
(Minoru Koide)

4. #139 A Framework for Understanding of Knowledge Sharing in Public Accounting Firms
(Loan H.T. Nguyen, Hien T.T. Nguyen)

5. #119 Imbalanced Dataset and Discrimination in Decision-Making: A Study on Credit Scoring Models (Galina Andreeva, Hung Ba, Anna Matuszyk)


Coffee Break


Keynote Speech 3  Chair: Kiyota Hashimoto

Machine Learning-Based Knowledge Discovery on Topic Modeling

Prof. Dr. Yung-Cheol Byun




Session 4  Chair: To Hoai Viet

1. [Long] #120 Bokeh Effects and Pseudo-Motion Parallax Enhance Social Telepresence
(Takahiro Kawaji, Taku Uchino, Tatsuya Mitsuishi)

2. [Long] #108 The effect of the product placement in animations: A comparative study between Chinese and Japanese animations (Zitong Cheng, Yukari Nagai, Kumi Yabuuchi)

3. #134 Problems of Development and Practical Application of Counseling Robot
(Takahiro Tobeta, Rihyei Kang)

4. #109 Culture-Oriented Product Design: A Case study for Vietnamese Product (Kieu Que Anh, Yukari Nagai)

5. #121 Requirement engineering in knowledge-intensive manufacturing shop floors – a knowledge-based approach (Le Anh Hoang, Naoshi Uchihira)

6. #142 Locating Primary Care Facilities with Patient’s Preference: Case Study of Surin, Thailand
(Napatr Sarawanangkoor, Pisit Chanvarasuth, Rujira Chaysiri)


Coffee Break


Session 5  Chair: Takahiro Kawaji

1. [Long] #103 OptiR2: Dynamic programing for discretisation of continuous data (Thanh_Tam Thi Nguyen, Dat Tien Nguyen, Bich_Le Thi Do)

2. [Long] #123 System development of moiré camera array for displacement and strain measurement (Rujika Tuladhar, Punchet Thammarak)

3. #102 A General Framework for Multiple Instance Learning (Le Ngoc Bui, Dat Tien Nguyen, Bich_Le Thi Do)

4. #104 Human-Object Grouping Discovery for Human Action Recognition in Still Images
(Tung Minh Tran, Khang Nguyen, Nguyen D. Vo, Tam V. Nguyen)

5. #140 Algorithms for mobile robot localization with a presented external map
(Dаo Duy Nam, La Thanh Tri)

6. #113 iroha Compass: Development of a Self-directed Learning Support System Based on The Progress Principle and Creative TechniqueKo (taro Miura and Takaya Yuizono)


Banquet (Vatel Restaurant)


Third Day (23-NOV)


Session 6  Chair: Naoshi Uchihara

1. [Long] #105 Understanding Cross-Cultural Team Building f Remote Multinational Offshore R&D Teams: Case study of OA Equipment Manufacturing and Vehicle Manufacturing
(Yang Wang, Takata Yuizono, Naoshi Uchihira)

2. [Long] #141 eLearning in the era of the fourth industrial revolution: A case study of Accounting and Auditing field (Vuong Thi Thanh Nhan, Nguyen Tan Cam)

3. #111 Revitalizing archive literacy service using social media: case of prefecture and municipal archive centers in Japan (Mukhlesur Rahman, Kunio Shirahada)

4. #112 Emergence of Awareness During Fieldwork (Masanori Okada, Kunihiko Hiraishi, Naoshi Uchihara, Susumu Kunifuji)

5. #132 Middle-aged Entrepreneurs and Effectuation Logic (Yasuko Eno, Rihyei Kang)

6. #106 A Case Study of Knowledge Creation for A Super-Smart Society: CPS-oriented user innovation in book publishing using crowdfunding services (Shin IMAMURA, Yukari NAGAI)

7. #116 A Study on Innovation Creation by Value Analysis (Keizo Sakurai, Fumiyuki Takahashi)


Closing Ceremony